Conception about holding “An international Forum of Makom Art“

1st section. General Rules

1.     This conception states to hold An international forum of makom art (hereinafter referred to as the Forum)

2.     The forum will be held in the light of followings:

  • To popularize widely one of the famous genre of classical and musical art of oriental folks, to preserve makom culture  contemporarily with modern life,  learn and  investigate them ,develop and  encourage professional makom performers  and support;
  • To expand public attitude of youth to makom art in generation’s soul, to perform rich, artistic and esthetic opportunities of musical heritage, strengthening relations of friendship between nations regularly;
  • To encompass makoms of Uzbek and other Oriental folks ,exchange cultural-scientific information, make  scientific  and  creative cooperation, expand  cultural and spiritual relations internationally;

3.     “An international Forum of Makom Art” (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) is held from 2018 year, once in two years, in Shakhrisabz city.

Exact time and period of the Forum  is settled by Organizational Committee for preparing and holding  the Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Organizational Committee )

4.     The Forum is held and organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan(hereinafter referred to as the Forum Organizer )

2nd section. Terms and requirements of the Forum

5.     The following events are held at the scope of the Forum:

  • A scientific-practical conference, On the topic “Musical art of makom, its importance in the world civilization” (hereinafter referred to as A scientific-practical conference);
  • Solo concerts of makom masters of Uzbekistan and World ;
  • Contest of makom ensembles, singers and instrumentalists( hereinafter referred to as the Contest).
  • Excursions, stage performances which staged in creative way about biographies and  activities of world famous scientists.
  • Performance of Scientific –educational literature and scientific-research works which printed in Uzbek, Persian Arabic, English and Russian languages and exhibitions related to history of makom art.

6.     Members of juries and scientific delegation which included 12 members from each country (up to 7 persons are members of ensemble and  up to 5 persons are members of creative group) which confirmed by Organizational Committee  are invited and their local expenses (meals, accommodation, domestic travel and medical care are  covered by Forum Organizer.

Participants of  Forum are provided with amount of 300 USA dollars for their individual expenses.

Famous musical scientists of the world, artists, creative teams, specialists and honorable guests who want to participate to Forum by own budget (besides 12 members of creative delegation), may participate by invitation of the Forum Organizer.

7.     Makom artists submit their materials and performances to the Organizational Committee till the 20 April of holding year.

Forum participants are required the followings:

  • Participants’ reports of Scientific-practical conference must be not less 4-5 pages and thesis must be not less 300 words;
  • Contestants should send their discs, audio, video materials of performs which last not more than 40 minutes to Organizational Committee electronically.

8.     A list of participants of scientific-practical conference is made by Organizational Committee, and Participants will be informed till 5th May of the holding year.

9.     Uzbek, English and Russian languages are working languages at this Forum.

10.   Expenses related to organize and hold the Forum, on this following estimate of the Ministry of Culture are covered:

  • 70 percent -By the Ministry of Culture from allocated funds for holding cultural events  in the estimate of expenses
  • 30 percent – By finance of sponsorship’s charity and other sources which legally not forbidden

3rd section. Organizing activity of an international jurors

11. International juries which included 7 persons are arranged by Organizational Committee for assessing participants’ performances at the contest.

12. In process of assessing:

  • Original –natural features of makom samples;
  • Artistic and esthetic matters;
  • Performers’ skills, dressing and stage culture are main criteria of assessment.

13. Performances of participants at contest are assessed on three nominations: “ Professional makom ensemble”, “Professional solo instrument player”, “Professional solo singer” by an international jurors .

4th  Rewarding

14. At the scope of Forum, winners of the Contest are rewarded with diploma, statuette and the following cash prizes:

“Grand Pri” – 15 000 USA dollars

1st place –on following nominations:

  • Solo performer (instrumentalist or singer)-10 000 USA dollars
  • For team of ensemble -10 000 USA dollars

2nd place– on following nominations:

  • Solo performer ( instrumentalist or singer)- 7 000 USA dollars
  • For team of ensemble -7 000 USA dollars

3rd place – on following nominations:

  • Solo performer (instrumentalist or singer)- 5 000 USA dollars
  • For team of ensemble -5 000 USA dollars

15.  At the scope of Forum, established nominations for the reason of supporting and encouraging : “Professional makom singer” “Professional makom instrumentalist” “Professional master of makom” “Professional makom propagandist” Professional young makom artist” “Professional makom bastakor” participants are rewarded with presents.

Similarly, Additional and Special presents may be established for participants, scientist on makom study , bastakors, makom instrumentalist and singers by  Forum Organizers, artistic associations, savings and sponsors , members of Jury,  fans of art lovers.

Certificate of “ Participants of an international Forum of Makom art” are presented to each participant.

 5th section. Rights of Forum Organizers

16.  Forum Organizers:

  • To give permit for broadcasting and transmitting into other organizations of Forum participants’ performs;
  • To hold, prepare and distribute audio, video, printed press and other media products during the Forum;
  • To use materials as advertisement which sent to Organizational Forum by Individual and legal entity of the Forum participants.
  • There is legal right to invite famous producers and managers of the world.

6th section. Final rules

17.  According to Tax Code of Republic of Uzbekistan, one-time cash prizes which are given to winners of contest are not taxed; similarly, it will not be object for taxing on unified social tax and insurance charges.

18. Every participant of the Forum should have their own medical insurance.

The Main department of State Financial Control of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan controls on budgetary finance for organizing and holding Forum in an expedient way.