Holiday of maqom art in our country

According to the decision of our President Shavkat Mirziyoev "On holding an international status art forum" dated April 6, 2018, the people and guests of our country will be able to witness this great event from 6 to 10 September. Meanwhile, the venue of the conference is Shakhrisabz Maqam Art.

During his visit to Kashkadarya region, the head of state visited the Oqsaroy, built by our great grandfather Amir Temur, and noted that Shakhrisabz is the best place for the transmission of our ancient heritage. After all, the time when "Shashmaqom" was born is exactly connected with the history of Amir Temur's statehood.

There are many references to the rapid development of music art in the time of our great-grandfather, a period of true awakening, the development of music and singing, music and composer. It is noted that in the XVII-XVIII centuries Shakhrisabz together with Bukhara and Samarkand art masters created groups of dancers and musicians to dance to "Shashmaqom".

In connection with the festival, musicians, tourists and other guests from many countries are visiting Shakhrisabz. This means that there is a growing global interest in this art and to our country. According to the latest data, 22 music scholars from abroad, 29 soloists and music groups, 21 experts and honorary guests have expressed their desire to participate in the festival.

The Shakhrisabz branch of the Uzbek National Center for the Performing Arts was established by the decision of the President. Visitors to Shakhrisabz will learn all about the history of maqoms at the Museum of Maqam Art in the city Palace of Culture through animated exhibition tools. The conference will also be followed by a large screen online at the city's Navruz Recreation Park and the Dor Ut-Tilovat Complex.

Today Shakhrisabz is truly becoming a center of international status. This, in turn, will help to promote the country and the Uzbek maqam art to the world, and to attract the attention of the world community to Uzbekistan.

17.02.2020 09:31