International Maqom Art Forum
6-10 september
Shakhrisabz, Uzbekistan


[box_service button_text=”Read more” image=”6984″ title=”About forum” link=”|||”]Maqom Art International Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) is held from 2018 year, once in two years, in Shakhrisabz city by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.[/box_service]
[box_service button_text=”Read more” image=”6677″ title=”Shakhrisabz” link=”|||”]Shakhrisabz is one of the most beautiful and colorful Uzbekistan cities, which is located 80 km south of Samarkand, beyond the alpine pass of Takhta-Karacha. [/box_service]
[box_service button_text=”Read more” image=”6641″ title=”Ak-Saray palace” link=”|||”]Shakhrisabz is, above all, associated with the Ak-Saray palace. Many amazing legends are linked with the history of the palace’s construction.[/box_service]
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