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we are informing about music group from Syria.

7 members are ready to participate in a Sheikh Hamed Dawood Group.


Sheikh Hamed Dawood Group consider one of the most famous traditional ensembles in Syria, currently rated among the best formations in the

 world devoted to Classical Arab Music and Traditional Dance. Established in Damascus. Syria1974 and participated with many internat

ional festivals and cultural events around the world and presents Classical and Oriental music and in particular the spiritual Sufi music associated with the whirling dervishes dance inspired by the deep rooted traditions of the Syrian culture.
Information about „maqom” tradition which performer/band is going to perform: The group well perform at Maqam (Hijaz, Rast and Bayat) Higaz is one of the most ancient oriental maqams, whose origins date back to the land of Al Hijaz, which is spread throughout Persia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and the Maghreb. Is the only maqam that can be considered an eastern and western maqam at the same time. Al-Bayat is the second maqam in terms of use in oriental music after Al-Rast, which is combines tenderness, sadness and joy. It is one of the most maqams used in the Arabic music, where the greatest musicians played.
Program you are going to perform (maximum 30 minute): The opining will be as always: the traditional AZAN of the Great Omayyad Mosque and which content several Maqams. Musical collective perform (Mohammad Abdo). Maqam Hijaz: Solo singing. collective singing / songs: Iski Al Itach Malaktum Fouadi Hayyamtni Lam Azal …………….. Maqam Rast and Bayat: Musical collective perform (Tatues). Collective singing : El Madad. Solo singing (Sheikh Hamed) with Nay play. Ya Imam Al Rousl. Allah Allah Ya rasoul Allah

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